SONIQ – a cosmopolitan musicians collective

Christina Fuchs .- saxophones, clarinets, composition
Jarry Singla – piano, Indian harmonium, composition
Ramesh Shotham – South Indian and Western percussion
plus guests

In 2016 – together with the German saxophonist and composer Christina Fuchs and the South Indian percussionist Ramesh Shotham – Jarry Singla took the initiative in founding the musicians-collective SONIQ.

SONIQ focuses on intercultural projects. Its members believe that something new can arise when an artistic work feeds off the largest possible pool of ideas that gets constantly new impulses through international networking. Consequently, they confront the most diverse art forms with unconditional openness: contemporary music, jazz, indigenous and folkloric traditions, improvised music, classical music, Butoh dance, experimental pop music, Bharatanatyam, early music, electronic music and contemporary dance.

For each of their projects SONIQ invites artists from different cultures to an open workshop situation which leads to several concerts. The aim of this exchange is to search for cultural interfaces in order to jointly develop a highly topical and authentic musical language. The process involves an exchange of ideas, mutual listening, composing, improvising and rehearsing. The dialogues open up possibilities for the performers as well as the listeners to understand trusted musical forms in an unusual context, as well as unusual musical forms in a familiar context. The collaborating artists participate in a musical treasure hunt, opening sound spaces, taking risks, and widening their horizons.

“Eurasian Encounters” – the first SONIQ project – was dedicated to an exchange with Polish and Indian musicians. “Make dialogue great again” concentrated on a collaboration with South-American musical cultures. Current and future projects include oriental string instruments, voices and dance-forms from all around the world as well as African traditions.

In 2018 SONIQ started an ongoing cooperation with the “European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music” in Cologne / Germany.


“… a concert in which Argentinian Zamba and driving rhythms from Peru naturally harmonize with the sensitivity of jazz and an eagerness to experiment .” (Neue Westfälische)