“Exotic modes unite with romantic harmony, pedalpoint meets counterpoint. The mind is stimulated, and the soul is filled with an overwhelming peace and quiet – wonderful !” (Jazzthing)

Johannes Lemke – alto saxophone, composition
Jarry Singla – piano, Indian harmonium, composition

Two musicians, two instruments, two travelers !

SHATABDI plays a music to people who have not lost the art of being amazed, the joy to the “apparently insignificant”. Lemke and Singla weave finest textures and give almost limitless space to the breathing of their music. Without effort they create sound pictures and sound surfaces which give their listeners the possibility to find the familiar in the musical unknown and foreign.

Once lyrically and quietly like in Lemkes piece „Malev” composed in the spirit of Griegs Peer Gynt suite. Once irritable and pulsating like in Singlas “Tendu” where North-Indian rhythms meet European counterpoint.

Johannes Lemke and Jarry Singla create in their duo a wonderfully authentic music which can only exist in a cosmopolitan Europe of the 21st century, a music that knows how to tell, nevertheless, stories of so many places of this earth.