Supporting students individually is the central element of Jarry Singla´s piano teaching. His lessons aim at finding an individualized method of furthering previous experience, personality, interests and musical bent.

The method may contain playing just by ear, reading music, improvising on the piano and composing. The learning process is guided by the conviction that it is beneficial to the student´s motivation and progress if the greatest possible space is given to his or her interests.

Piano technique is always taught in a musical context, never through mechanical practice. Playing along with recordings enriches the learning process. The lessons are not restricted to a particular musical style.

As a piano teacher Jarry Singla worked in Mexico City, New York, Cologne/Germany, La Paz/Bolivia and at the jazz-department of the Municipal Music School in Bonn/Germany. He conducted workshops for advanced students at the Musikakademie Rheinsberg, at the Akademie Remscheid (“Jazzemble”) and on behalf of the Goethe Institute in Santa Cruz/Bolivia.

Feel free to contact Jarry Singla if you are interested in piano-lessons.