Jarry Singla


„ …the fluid harmony of their compositions and arrangements are nothing short of symphonic …“ (The Score Magazine, Mumbai)

Jarry Singla – piano, indian harmonium, compositions, arrangements
Ramesh Shotham – South Indian and Western percussion
Christian Ramond – double-bass

This intriguing Indo-German band led by Jarry Singla was created in 2009 with the purpose of combining influences from Indian music, European soundscapes, and a distinguished character of its own. The trio’s compositions can be regarded as a celebration of adventure and the lack of cultural prejudices, in addition to a stubborn search for an equally flawless musical identity, technically and emotionally bred. Elements like the South Indian drum language Konnakol or melodies inspired by North Indian Ragas, along with European Polyphony and driving jazz-rhythms co-exist in the music of ‘Eastern Flowers’. Indian instruments like tavil, ghatam, kanjira and harmonium feature in the music, mixing with the sounds of the European piano and double bass.

A pianist, relentless composer and owner of a sensitive artistic spirit, if anything defines the Indo-German artist Jarry Singla is his open mind and capacity to absorb and take the best of all the influences in play. His studies at the Cologne University of Music, in Germany, as well as at the Mannes School of Music in New York provided him with the guidance of outstanding teachers — English pianist John Taylor and American Richie Beirach, among others — and laid the foundations for his free spirit and his desire to make a type of music that has no barriers or foreseeable horizons. His trio is an unbeatable vehicle for setting out on a true musical adventure.

Jarry´s highly renowned companions, the percussionist Ramesh Shotham and the double-bass player Christian Ramond, also have Indian roots. Shotham originates from the South-Indian Chennai (the former Madras) and has been living in Europe for many years. His participation in more than 250 recordings, productions and films demonstrates his status as one of today´s most in demand jazz-percussionists. In 2018 he was awarded the prestigious WDR Jazz Prize.  Eastern Flowers’ bassist Christian Ramond is of Indo-German origin as well. He has worked with jazz legends such as Albert Mangelsdorff, Kenny Wheeler and Lee Konitz. In Jarry Singla’s trio Christian Ramond not only shows his impressive calibre but also proves to be an enormously sensitive musician.

The ensemble has appeared in international festivals such as “Jazz Utsav New Delhi”, “Universe of Sound Chennai”, “Buenos Aires Jazz” and “Bolivia Festijazz”. Inside Germany the trio´s performances include festivals like “Acht Brücken – Musik für Köln”, “Vive le Jazz”, “Düsseldorf Festival” and “Musik in Donaueschingen”.

CD: “Mineralle” (Jazzsick Records)

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„ …the fluid harmony of their compositions and arrangements are nothing short of symphonic … Together, the trio propagates music that truly flourishes in open minds, uprooting all previous notions of doubt and disbelief … Ultimately, Eastern Flowers’ music is an example of integrating individuals and ideas, cultures and concepts from different parts of the world, and disseminating it en masse through creative expression … “ (The Score Magazine, Mumbai)

Jarry Singla EASTERN FLOWERS is one of 22 ensembles who have been selected by a renowned jury for receiving a longtime support from the government of North-Rhine Westphalia from 2020 until 2022.