Here is a video showing a BOKOBU piece performed by Bolivian primary school students:

BOKOBU is a unique method of combining the South-Indian drum language Konnakol with Boomwhackers (tuned percussion tubes) and bodypercussion.

Jarry Singla slowly developed this method by relating to the following experiences and combining what he had learnt from them:

• As a pianist he was taught Konnakol by the fantastic Indian musicians he is lucky to work with.
• Doing workshops in high schools and primary schools Jarry constantly uses Boomwhackers and bodypercussion.
• As a jazz-composer he has always been integrating diverse musical influences in his work.

BOKOBU consists in teaching the basics of Konnakol, Boomwhackers and Bodypercussion and then combining these elements in pieces which Jarry composes or spontaneously invents according to the level of his students.

Apart from applying the BOKOBU concept in schools in Germany, Jarry has done several workshops for students and music-teachers in Bolivia: at the German school in La Paz, at the independent “Kurmi Wasi College” in Achocalla and for the Latin American Forum for Musical Education “FLADEM” in El Alto.

Feel free to contact Jarry Singla if you are interested in a BOKOBU workshop.